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The plan of supporting the low income family child

Youth Elite Training Course

There are many children in Hong Kong families who live below the poverty line. Because of their living conditions, they cannot learn music. Therefore, our company has launched the first phase of [Kalimba Self-fertilization Planning Youth Support Development Program] with limited resources and time. This program is for [low-income families]. So that they can develop a skill and enrich their life.

Participation conditions: Students who have been approved for the full amount of the book insurance allowance this year.

An interview is required, please bring photocopies of relevant supporting documents with you to the interview.

Participating age: 10 to 16 years old

Quota: 4

Course content: piano posture, original notation, reading notation, decorative sound, playing skills, etc.

Number of lessons and time: 10 lessons / 1 hour per lesson

Gift: Acacia wood 17-tone standrad kalimba, worth HKD 590

Participation fee: HKD 300  (If the student passes the final exam and has a 90% attendance rate, HKD 250 will be refunded, and another HKD 50 will be used as administrative and photocopying fees)

Payment method: cash

Class location: Room 717, Star Centre, Shing Street, Kwai Hing Yip