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kalimba tips

1-Budget: Look at your budget. You can also ask the store which fits your requirements within your budget. It can be cheap or good. The most important thing is to find a professional store to enquire.

2-Personal experience: It is best to go to a musical instrument store to try it yourself. When you try it, start with the cheapest one. You need to compare the difference in tone at different prices. Good kalimba and poor kalimba can be separated by ordinary people.

3-Online shopping: The customers will easier to buy a poor kalimba in the online store. You should choose some websites that have the original soundtracks to buy, which is more secure.

4-Type of piano: board-type /box-type, each has advantages and disadvantages

- Board-type: soft sound, long sustain, middle resonance

- Hollow-wood box-type: loud, short sustain, thin resonance, and echo

 - Semi solid - wood box-type:

-Solid-wood box piano: middle volume, longest sustain, strong resonance and echo